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It’s Not Fair!
September 8, 2010, 1:25 pm
Filed under: Daily Motivation

The words “it’s not fair” has become common complaint cried out by many of the people who I’ve counseled on a one on one basis. I respond to them with a nod of approval followed by the words “I agree and it will never be”. Life isn’t about what’s fair and what’s not, it’s about who’s in control. Are you leading life or is life leading you? It’s about you taking life in the direction of your true destiny despite the hurdles you have to jump over along the way.

What people need to understand is that they need to stop expecting life to be fair. This expectation is unrealistic and it sets you up for constant disappointments. It’s the people who waste their days waiting to receive what they feel is their just reward that often end up empty-handed. I’ve learned that nothing will be yours unless you take it. If life itself won’t give you your chance then it’s up to you to give it to yourself. Go ahead!, you have my permission, send your resume to your dream job, build up the courage and ask your boss for that raise, reach your goals, you deserve it.

Now I’m not going to guarantee that you will get what you want. I don’t want any nasty emails from brokenhearted people. I’m just telling you that most of the time the greatest opportunities you get are the ones you give yourself. So what do you do if you fail? Think of it like this, when you’re driving and suddenly you find that one of the streets you normally take to get to your destination is blocked, you don’t automatically quit, you find another route. In the same way, failure doesn’t mean you should quit on your goals entirely, it just means you need another route. It means that this particular person, place, or thing isn’t tied to your destiny so try somewhere or someone else. If life isn’t fair to you, then you be fair to yourself and move because you have places to go and people to see———- and if asked just say I sent you.


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