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Your Life, Your Picture
September 8, 2010, 3:01 am
Filed under: Daily Motivation

It’s not everyday that you discover a new talent. I was about eight years old when I discovered mine. Once I discovered I can draw I couldn’t keep my hand off of the pencil. The fact that I could’ve created any image I wanted gave me a sense of total control. It also gave me some unwanted attention.

Many times I found myself surrounded by a group of friends, smothering me, tapping my shoulder, naming all kinds of characters and ideas that they wanted me to create for them. In the end, none of their ideas mattered to me( remember it was a control thing)they had to settle for what I put together. Every picture became a reflection of me, my creativity and my inspiration. The pencil was in my hand and that power belonged to me.

Now that I’m an adult I have come to realize that, like many people, I’m still dealing with this same situation. The difference is that now my life has become the paper on which I must create my next masterpiece.

You see, you always begin your life with a mental picture of what you would like it to become. You begin to take action to create this wonderful picture but are soon challenged by lifes opposing forces. These opposing forces come in the form of setbacks, disappointments and tragic events. Each of these tempt you to want to change your picture and settle for less than the true desires of your heart.

I’ve always wanted to know, what makes many people who once dreamed of success settle for mediocrity? What makes someone who just wanted to be happy, lose that hope and end up in a state of depression?

I believe that no event, no matter how tragic, can ever make happiness truly unattainable.

I’ve learned that it’s up to you and you don’t have to give up control. You don’t have to give up the power to be happy.

This is still your life, your picture and the pencil is still in your hands. I dare you even in the face of adversity, to still create your masterpiece—— the life of your dreams.  




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